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October finds

Cooler weather made Big Rock Park an enjoyable place to visit this past month and people came up with a variety of ways to take advantage of our remarkable urban park.

Looking for a place for a photo shoot? Photographer Heidi Wetz (below) chose Big Rock Park for this high school Senior.

Tom and George were on the lookout for Ladies' Tresses Orchid, one of several rare species found in our park.

This group was simply out enjoying being outdoors.

Cathy Haustein brought her grandson out to help test the water. Bacterial levels are down & oxygen levels are up after the 2 inch rain we had at the end of the month. Hooray! The water isn't clean enough to drink but can be waded in safely now. Water quality monitoring is sponsored by the Pella Community Foundation.

You can help keep the park water clean by being aware of what you discard upstream. Here is a plastic bag that found its way into a storm drain and washed into the creek, along with a whole lot of leaves:

Dog lovers are frequent park visitors.

John brought his pals out for a romp.

Judy and Ginger are back, sharing Big Rock Park with grandson Phillip.

Every season is a delightful time to visit. We hope to see you soon at The Park!


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